#MassCentralEvents Modern business advice states that you need a social media presence. There are a ton of books, blogs and expert voices out there saying you need social media, and that you need to scale it so that everyone knows about you. However, when it comes to subsequent downsides of… Read more »

#MassCentralEvents Gunmen have attacked a local television station in the Afghan capital Kabul, with reports that people have been killed and injured. The attackers threw grenades and fired guns as they entered the Shamshad TV headquarters, witnesses say. A reporter who managed to escape told the BBC the attackers were… Read more »

#MassCentralEvents 2:13 AM ET GREEN BAY, Wis. — Mike McCarthy doesn’t think his quarterback is an issue. The Packers coach might not be able to say the same for his offensive line. Right tackle Bryan Bulaga left Monday night’s 30-17 loss to the Detroit Lions with what is believed to… Read more »

Democratic Infighting Over DNC’s Direction Nearing Flashpoint

#MassCentralEvents No matter what happens in Virginia, Democrats are approaching a moment of truth. Democrat Ralph Northam’s fortunes in Virginia’s gubernatorial race Tuesday will shape the party’s playbook for 2018, but either way Democrats are fed up with the Democratic National Committee. If the DNC doesn’t institute reforms being pushed… Read more »

#MassCentralEvents Onetime professional fighter and now movie stuntman Tait Fletcher figures coffee drinks ought to be more than just a drink that perks you up for a few hours so you can make it through the afternoon office drudgery, or a sugar-blast concoction that piles on the calories. The co-founder… Read more »